Style berry

Style berry


Get set for stardom with the jovial leguano Style model! Now coming in a fresh peppermint lime green outfit!

Durable, trendy and made with delicately laced pocket holes for extra breathability, this gorgeous pair of barefoot shoes are the jewel in the crown of the leguano collection.  

With a vibrant colour combination of soft pink, black and grey you’ll be more popular than fresh mangos and watermelon during a heatwave in these classic shoes.

What’s more, this particular style has been salt water tested, making them the ideal footwear for your next trip to the beach.

Sailing off the shelves faster than french champagne at a wedding, don’t miss your chance to snap up a pair of these beauties!

Please note, this style of Leguano shoe fits a bit smaller, we recommend going up one shoe size when ordering. The Style comes in cream, peppermint, berry, flamingo, maritime and rose colour variations.

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