Aktiv magma orange

Aktiv magma orange


Set yourself up for success with the sporty Aktiv. leguano’s most popular model has all the classic qualities of the traditional barefoot shoe with a few added features. Enjoying a slightly thicker sole and complete with a lace-up finish, these multi-purpose shoes are simply ideal for walking, hiking, running or springing into your lunch break with agility.

What’s more, possessing a bespoke anti-slip and non-marking sole these gems are rapidly becoming the shoe of choice for boaters setting their sights on the high seas.

So if you’re looking for a quality barefoot experience, with the traditional look of a tie-up shoe, all you have to do is strap yourself in for the ride!

Please note that the Aktiv is a unisex model which comes in black, grey/green, grey/pink, white, magma orange and sun yellow colour variations.

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