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The leguano® barefoot philosophy

Freedom starts at your feet!

Nature has it that humans enter this world barefoot. In fact the anatomy of the human foot was never designed for walking in shoes. In countries where large parts of the population walk barefoot like India, modern civilisation’s struggles such as knee, hip and back pain are uncommon. Walking in shoes is part of our western culture, but it comes at the cost of a number of musculoskeletal symptoms which can causally be connected to it.

Protected barefoot walking

A group of German movement specialists and barefoot professionals are the engineering brains behind the leguano® barefoot shoe. They dreamed of creating a new type of footwear which would allow and facilitate the most natural and healthy way of moving - barefoot walking. The leguano® barefoot shoe is the result of several years of research and development. It allows the human foot its full range of motion whilst protecting it from sharp objects. The sole is made of 100% LIFOLIT®, a highly-flexible yet durable, anti-slip material which perfectly contours the human foot during its every move.

The uppers are made of breathable fabric which helps dissipate body heat during movement while containing body temperature during rest. These characteristics make leguanos® suitable not only for running, but any kind of indoor and outdoor activity. Kids, as well as elders alike enjoy the comfort and the effects of barefoot walking in leguanos®.

leguanos® and leguanitos® - your ideal barefoot fit!